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It's not a difficult question to answer is it? The one on the right - right? But think about it a little more - in essence they are both the same car. They are both 60's Icons, they both have style and image and if it were not for a good lick of paint and probably an engine, the Jaguar on the left would draw just as much attention as the car on the right. Me? I would probably pick the one on the left. It has potential. It would be a challenge but I would know that completely rebuilding from scratch I would have something I could rely on - for all I know the one on the right is full of body filler and an engine that's on its last legs. First appearances? It looks ok but you need to look closer, kick the tyres, open the bonnet, get behind the wheel and take it for a test drive.

So why would you pick me to re-design your old website or create a new one from scratch?

For all the reasons listed above - and you thought I was just talking about rusty cars? If you're looking for some help with your website, you could have a go at doing it yourself. But how will you know if what you've built will actually help your business? I've seen plenty of websites that probably do the complete opposite. A poorly presented website will more than likely drive potential clients away, especially if it confusing and difficult to use. And do you really have the time anyway?

I've always enjoyed fixing things. Getting the bonnet up, cleaning, replacing and rebuilding - making something that once worked ok, look and perform better than it did in the first place. And I've come to to appreciate style and appearance, but especially through design. I take pride in my work, attention to detail and know at the end of the day if i'm not happy with what I produce, then you wont be either. I also know why a picture of Steve McQueen on a motorbike or a Mk2 Jaguar can stop and make people take notice.

They got you this far didn't they?

Or you could just buy the car on the right, trust to luck and hope the salesman is telling you the truth.

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My Skills

about us
Graphic Design90%
Web Design80%

A little bit more about me

When I'm not designing websites - I'm writing. Writing is something I have only recently rediscovered. But I have found it to be another medium with which to express myself, and in a way that differs completely from design and photography. A few years ago I wrote my first novel - Grand Desires and I am currently writing a sequel a sample of which can be read here Fair Game