Digital photography produces instant results. I love the ability to see if I've got the shot I want. However instant gratifcation doesn't mean that DP is without surprises. But with post editing software like Adobe Photoshop you can correct or create a stunning photograph from something that looks just very ordinary of flawed. Ultimately DP gives me the chance to get creative. Photography is a pure form of art with endless possibilities. See below for some samples of my work.

Photography - How important is photography within website design?

A picture tells a thousand words - how many times have we heard that saying? But it's true!! As with artwork we use images to focus, capture imagination, and grab attention. Although content is important in some cases, we have found that large pages of text will only distract, bore, confuse and eventually mean that your potential next client moves on and looks elsewhere. Imagery is an important tool in creating the right look for your website. Quality images and photographs can only enhance the way your website and therefore the way your business presents itself. Fortunately today there are many online resources where we can probably find just the right image or images at very reasonable cost and sometimes for free.

The other alternative is for me to take the pictures for you. My skills as a photographer have gradually expanded over the years to the point where I am confident I can help you with any photographic content you may require.

My Work

360 - Virtual Tours

In todays world, people want to control their lives with the push of a button. From their mobile device the world wants to order food, check the weather and book next years holiday with a few sweeps of a finger. With the power of todays technology and Google Maps people can now read all about your company, what you do, sell and when you are open. They can also, with the help of 360 photography take a virtual tour of your, shop, restaurant or hair salon without even getting out of bed. I have created a number of virtual tours for clients who want to really showcase their business and allow their customers to truly immerse themselves in their premises, its atmosphere, and perhaps encourage them to get out of bed.

Virtual Tours - Your first photograph is absolutely free!

If you are a business owner and think that your flat website photographs do nothing for your amazing business interiors then please get in touch and I will be more than happy to introduce you to the virtual world.