Dave Mason approached us on recommendation to design his website. We replaced his old static website with this exciting design, which has greatly improved the overall quality, and look to his business. Based on what's known as a 'bootstrap' framework, the home page is made up of a number of sections, the fullscreen welcome section containing scrolling images of the companies work, a Portfolio, an About, Services and finally a Contact section.

The brief was to produce a design that would showcase the portfolio of work and give each client an idea of the level of work quality and finish that they should expect. A references section was also included to reinforce this, with comments from satisfied clients. The services page also provided information about the variety of other services that Dave provides. His business is by recommendation so SEO was not considered important by the client, but some effort was made to improve the site within Google search results. The Logo was all our work and has helped to give the business an identity it was previously without.

As with all our clients we provided a complete design service which included artwork design, photographic content, search engine submission and optimisation. The success of the website is through its use of a single page which contains all the essential infomation about the company. It has, at its heart simplicity - new clients do not need to access and load separate pages to find out about what the company does. A process that can be both time consuming and confusing.

Excellent photographs taken by the client have helped with the overall look of the website, and also to present a great portfolio of work.

Here's what Dave Mason had to say about our work.

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