Eurotubes was our first responsive multipage website. We replaced their old static website with this exciting, visual and fun design which has helped them showcase the variety of products they supply to the swimming pool and waterpark industry. Their products are by design very colourful and this matrix, tile based design was ideal to create a visual experience for the browser and make them want to stop and explore. The home page includes a number of collapsible and expandible sections, which also promotes a sense of intrigue and fun. The gallery page then takes this to another level entirely with its flip-over tile matrix.

The brief was to produce an easy to navigate website that would look colourful, vibrant and exciting. The website needed to reinforce the quality of the product and also provide details of the customisation services. We created the logo from the clients ideas, incorporating the product within the design to reinforce the brand image. Social media integration was important to the client so links to Facebook are provided on each page to allow the client to add their own latest news and pictures.

As with all our clients we provided a complete design service which included artwork design, photographic content, search engine submission and optimisation. The success of the website is through its interactive design which engages the eye and promotes interaction and exploration.

Lightboxes are used throughout to provide pop-out video and image content including brief but concise product information.

Here's what Eurotubes had to say about our work.

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