Clockhouse Podiatry was our first website. This is where my business started and from where it has grown. This website is now second generation using the latest HTML5 pages which respond beautifully when viewed on mobile devices. The website is now responsive and reacts to whatever device is being used. We maintain the site, making small changes when asked, in exchange for some quality footcare for my aging and increasingly troublesome feet.

The site has Facebook integration which is used regularly by Clockhouse to keep their customers regularly updated on offers and news from the salon. As with all our clients we also helped with search engine submission and optomisation and the Site features on the first page of Google when searching for podiatry and chiropody in Horsham. Our help is ongoing and we regularly update the website, recently adding new sections to promote their expanding services as well as an additional page to advertise for recruitment.

As with all our clients we provided a complete design service which included artwork design, photographic content, search engine submission and optimisation. The success of the website is through its ease of use and bright, interesting design helping to promote a service that can generally be difficult to represent in a engaging manner.

My connection with Clockhouse Podiatry is now into its 10th year as it's business which continues to grow and thrive.

Here's what Clockhouse Podiatry had to say about our work.

Steve has worked along side us over the last 5 years creating and developing our Clockhouse Podiatry website. Whilst very responsive to our requests he is extremely creative and is always coming up with new ideas for us. His enthusiasm helps bring your ideas to fruition and surpass your expectations.

Kathryn Tyler - Clockhouse Podiatry