Search engine optimisation is what many web designers will tell you about once they have built your website and taken your money. Well listen up! I'm telling you now. You may have one of the most striking websites ever designed but it won't be worth all the money you paid for it, if people cant find it. And if you are relying on it to generate you money, especially so. Search engine optimisation starts right from the point of choosing your domain name (the name you choose for your website www.google.com for instance) and ends, well it never ends to be honest. Basically what I'm saying is if your website isn't search engine optimised you may as well go back to using a typewriter like the one above, for a computer - good luck with that!!

So how can I help you with SEO?

Time and experience have taught me what works with SEO and what doesn't, and unlike many website designers I include it as part of my design service. And if you choose me to maintain your website annually I will also keep an eye on how your website is responding in the search engines - Google and Bing. I won't go into the technical side of things but search engine is almost a dark art, and if you are in a very competitive industry for instance selling insurance, you will find it virtually impossible to get your website on the first page of Google. But I will do as much as I can to do this for you, but unfortunately there are no promises and it will depend on your business. Insurance - NO, Hair Salon - Maybe, Hamster Racing - Definitely.

My Skills

Graphic Design90%
Web Design80%